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May, 2023

Opening for JRF-PhD Position

We are looking for Ph.D. candidates who are interested to work in the interface of neuroscience, proteomics, systems biology, pharmacology, drug discovery, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence.  We seek to understand how perturbations in protein expression and post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation and non-enzymatic deamidation mediate neurovascular dysfunction in brain injury and repair. It is expected that as a member of our team, one will have an opportunity to be trained in diverse skill sets such as survival surgery on small rodents to big data integration using an in-silico Bayes approach. We value a vibrant and collaborative environment where lab members share ideas, reagents, and expertise and desire to work on understanding the pathophysiology of ischemic stroke. We actively collaborate with experts from the USA, Singapore, and Canada to provide useful international exposure to our Ph.D. students. 

Funding: Candidates with their own fellowship (e.g., DST-INSPIRE, CSIR-NET) are welcome to apply. The university also offers fellowships to registered Ph.D. candidates with competitive profiles who do not have their own fellowships. 


To Apply:

Interested applicants should send a CV, names of 2 references, and a brief summary (max. 1 page, font: 11, Arial) of their future career goals to Dr. Arnab Datta: Please write "JRF application" in the subject header.

Research Intern

Interested candidates can contact Dr. Arnab Datta directly at Please write "Research Intern" in the subject header. Details can found here.

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